Our Philosophy

ReframeHR was started to provide a new way of learning and consulting for people looking to go beyond the ordinary. At ReframeHR, we believe the best learning comes out of great conversations, whether they’re held in a training session, a meeting, or even over a coffee date. Building relationships with our clients is what drives us to continue to grow.

We believe a healthy organization starts with a strong strategy, effective leadership to implement that strategy and engaged employees who rally for the organization. Our approach is to work with the organization to analyze the business, determining where and how the business can be most effective. We build tools, programs and training for leaders and employees to implement a culture of customer vision and focus, consistency, self-management, accountability and effectiveness.

Our Approach to Consulting

ReframeHR is a Manitoba-based business serving the full organizational development needs of their clients. We build individualized programs and systems – you won’t get ”canned” solutions from us – you will get a customized program.

We examine your whole organization, looking for what’s healthy and what hurts. We look to what motivates your organization and your people. We’re able to train, teach and engage your staff using custom-designed plans built from your vision. By taking your organization to a strategic level, you increase focus and team synergy – resulting in increased production and sales.

Effectiveness models designed for your business…

ReframeHR has a strong reputation of using our customizable Effectiveness Models to help organizations and employees become strong self-managers who engage in all aspects of the organization. Using adult learning principles in the design and delivery of our work, all programs will be designed to encourage self-management, leadership, accountability, teamwork, sales, knowledge sharing and problem solving. As part of the needs analysis and development process, we will work with selected managers and staff to identify key examples and real-life situations.

Our History

ReframeHR came from an evolution of consulting practices including Manary-Harcus Consulting and the Manary Group. Since 2007, Michelle and her partners and associates have provided services in the areas of human resources, strategic planning, project management, sales and service, image and brand, and process improvement to clients in various business realms including tourism, renewable energy, agriculture, credit unions and cooperatives, transportation, government and not-for-profit organizations.