We design clear paths to organizational effectiveness; let us help you find your north star.

We design clear paths to organizational effectiveness.


Why Choose ReframeHR?

ReframeHR was started 11-years ago to provide a new way of learning and consulting for people looking to go beyond the ordinary. We believe a healthy organization starts with a strong strategy, effective leadership to implement that strategy and engaged employees who rally for the organization.

At ReframeHR, our north star is organizational effectiveness. We will examine your whole organization, looking for what’s healthy and what hurts. We will take you to a strategic level, developing solutions that result in increased efficiency and effectiveness.

We believe that healthy functioning organizations are made of the following components.


We help Reframe what you know.

We help Reframe what you do.

I love working with people, uncovering their passions and helping them turn their dreams into a reality. Dreams and passion are not always the first words you think of when you think of HR, but with the right plans and smart decisions, impactful changes pave the way to success.

Michelle Manary

President & Owner


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